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February 2022 Age
3 months ago

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the February 2022 Age! As you can see in the Hall of Fame, the original values that were used with Final Hero Classic back in 2006 were very much defense favored.

Unfortunately I have not had the proper time to adjust everything to new, more balanced stats before this new age. That said, I am in a much better position now to calibrate the formulae/values for upcoming ages.

With this February 2022 Age, there are two notable formula changes:

1. Defense Wonder multiplier has been greatly reduced. It is still impactful though, and defense is still favored but no longer as much.

2. Income was based off of all units in a mostly 1:1 ratio. I have adjusted the ratios for all non-worker units to produce less income as more units become trained. The non-worker units will gradually offer less and less income, to a base of around 1 gold per 10 units (aka 10% of the number of units).

There are still many changes to be made coming up, but these two were some crucial changes to maintain a bit more balanced of an age.

I'll create a forum topic to discuss the new age, as well as potential ideas for upcoming ages.

Best of luck to everyone, and have fun!

- Copephobia

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